Dana’s Office

About Dana's Office

Dana Luckey founded Dana’s Office in Baja California Sur in 2010 in response to the growth of the needs of the community of foreigners, especially in property services and management. Because she is originally from Baja California Sur and speaks Spanish as a native language, puts Dana in an ideal position as manager of legal and other matters necessary for the purchase of real estate, construction and property management in La paz and San Juanico.


For those who visit La Paz and fall in love with this unique and beautiful place, There is a complete service option, from a reliable and updated property promotion service for sale and through the necessary purchase-sale paperwork until the final signature, for those who decide to acquire a real estate in México.


Our vacation rental options are a good opportunity to start knowing the beauty and serenity of this corner of the world. Year after year we see how our clients who rent holiday homes move to their own property building their house. Dana’s Office is committed to assist within its possibilities in this process. If you are in a short trip in La Paz or a more permanent stay, you will be putting in the best hands of Dana.