Our Services

About our services

We offer a genuine service customer based to all the people who want to live permanently or partially in La Paz.

Real estate services

Our objective are:

  • To facilitate and enhance the real estate and construction processes.
  • To achieve the highest possible quality of services through collaboration with select professionals and businesses.
  • To represent our clients so they have the satisfaction ,contentment and gratification of knowing their investments are protected and can grow in a tangible manner.

Through use of attested business practices we offer:

  • Accountability and transparency
  • Expediency and efficiency
  • Discretion and diligence
Construction services

We build custom houses to meet your design & use requirements. Whether it is your dream vacation compound or a storage garage we design & construct the entire project from the foundation to finishing, exterior entertaining areas, hard and soft landscaping . We provide estimates on residential or commercial projects in San Juanico, La Paz or BCS.

With years of construction experience on 3 continents and here in Baja California Sur we strive to make the dream of home ownership attainable and a pleasant process.

” We are proud our business is part of La Paz and located in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, Baja Sur. Being part of the community means responsibility to its culture, environment and history. All of which is intrinsic to who and what makes this community and the people so special.We want to help continue the traditions and qualities that make La Paz so exceptional a place.”

Lic. Dana Luckey.